The Emperor is Naked

Emperors-New-Clothes (1)

Every child in the Western world eventually hears the old Hans Christen Anderson fairy tale The Emperor’s New Clothes. In it shysters con a particularly stupid and vain monarch. They promise the emperor that they will weave him a fine suit of clothes that are invisible to those who are stupid, incompetent and unfit for office.

So the word went out— if you cannot see the emperor’s new duds, you get the sack since you are obviously stupid, incompetent or unfit for office. Miraculously, everyone saw the emperor’s new clothes because; to fail to see them meant admitting that you were… stupid.


So the emperor proceeds to parade around in the buff— because he has to be able to see the clothes or he is unfit for office. His court goes along because they don’t want to be judged incompetent. The townspeople go along because they don’t want to be judged stupid.

This goes on until a child too young to understand the pretentiousness of the pretense starts laughing. The laughter spreads and the spell is broken. The emperor realizes that he’s been fooled but continues because he can’t admit that he’s been fooled twice.

Isn’t that exactly how progressive politics work?

If you don’t see the value of forced diversity, then you must be a bigot.

If you don’t embrace an invasion of refugees, then you must be a racist.

If you have any issues with feminism or gender confusion, then you must be a misogynist.

If you don’t back the leftist party, then you must be stupid.

This has been a script playing out since the eighties. If it looks familiar, it should. This is the intellectual and moral cancer called political correctness.

Now- let us take a look at the various players in the drama: the emperor, the townspeople, the con men and the child. Each has something very important to teach us.

The emperor made a mistake— he trusted con men. He combined the mistake by not trusting his own eyes. He further compounded his errors by refusing to acknowledge them. The emperor is all too human. History is littered with examples of vainglorious fools just like him. Many of them lead whole civilizations to ruin.

The real villains of the story were the townspeople. They could see with their own eyes that the emperor was walking along sans clothes. They did not want to say anything because it might be awkward. Such a courageous stand supported their emperor’s error and helped him to compound it.

Of course con men are what they are. Like any breed of vermin, they will act as vermin. Their actions will always be selfish and narcissistic because that is who they are. It’s no surprise at all.

The hero of this tale is the child. He (or she) was disinterested in pretense and saw the truth, or in this case, the emperor’s bare derriere. He had the temerity to ignore the social pressure and see the truth with his own eyes.

This is the crux of the matter when it comes to political correctness: the left wants you to doubt the truth as you see it with your own eyes. They want to define a narrative and they require that you believe it.

They want you to think the only reason they lost the 2016 election was that evil republicans colluded with the country’s long term adversaries and gamed the elections. They want you to believe that the only people that would refuse to support the left are bitter clingers to their god, guns and flag. They want you to think that the right is composed of illiterate bumpkins and racists that hate everyone that doesn’t think just like them.

Now we discover that the opposite is true:

  • The left was playing all sorts of games with Russia and, some of those games look like treason.
  • The left’s identity politics and race baiting are what is stoking racial unrest.
  • The left wants to denigrate and degrade the traditions and values that have served the United States exceptionally well.
  • The left is the one talking about abolishing constitutional amendments and making the US an authoritarian police state.

The reason stories like the Emperor’s New Clothes works across generations is that times change, people don’t. There are always the vainglorious, the go-along-to-get-alongs and the malicious.

The moral of the story is as sound todays as it was when it was published way back when: God gave you eyes to see and a mind to reason with. If you fail to use them, it is your loss and, there are consequences.

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