There seems to be a correlation between the use of psychiatric drugs and mass shooters.

Mass Murderers and Psychiatric Drugs

Mass shooters received only limited treatment

SSRIs, suicide and violent behavior: is there a need for a better definition of the depressive state?

If you read all of this stuff, it all boils down to what many call McTherapy: it’s like going to a McDonalds. You get a happy meal, a quarter-pounder or a big mac. You might get a fish sandwich or some mcnuggets.

You will NOT get anything that is not on the menu.

Do you see what I did there?

Little Johnny is depressed. He goes to his McGeneral Practitioner and complains. He’s given generic Zoloft and everything is hunky-dorie. Case closed, he’s cured.

A year later little Johnnie steals a gun and kills as many people he can until someone blows his head off.

The truth about psychiatric disorders is they are often very complicated. Depression is really more of a symptom than a specific diagnosis. Little Johnnie’s depression could have been several things, none of them good and depression is just a label for- we aren’t sure and we don’t have the time to do a through diagnosis.

This is a multiple choice question. The choices are more questions.

  • Is this a gun problem? Really!?
  • Is Little Johnnie just an evil little bastard or is he mentally ill?
  • Was Little Johnnie’s doctor incompetent?
  • Were the drug companies aware that some people will go bonkers on their meds?

There are a whole LOT of questions here.

The gun question is, in many ways, the least important of them.

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